20 plate wort chiller

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East Coast Brew Plate chillers are made of high-grade 304 stainless steel and brazed with 99.9% copper. Offering superior heat exchange performance in a simple effective design. wort and water.  

Plate chillers work by running cold water through every-other plate, and running wort through the plates in between. This maximizes the surface area for the fastest cooling possible, getting your wort to a safe fermenting temperature much faster than immersion chillers ever could. Plate chillers can be operated with a gravity system or with a pump. You can also save on water by utilizing a closed-loop cold water pump system.

The A series of plate chillers measures 2.9" x 7.5" in surface area and is available in various plate amounts. Wort-in and wort-out connections are 1/2" NPT fittings while the water-in and water-out fittings are 3/4" (standard garden hose).
Our heat exchangers have a usable temperature range of -321F to 392F and a max PSI rating of 145. These limitations are far beyond any brewing needs, based on our belief that over-engineered is better than just meeting the standards.
East Coast Brew Plate chillers come standard with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. They are also UL listed and CE certified for standards in manufacturing.

304 Stainless with 99.9% Copper Brazing

2.9"W x 7.5"L x 30 Plates (3.5"H) --- 1/2"NPT Wort Fitting x 3/4" NPT Water Fitting

-321F to 392F Temperature Range - Max PSI 145

Cools 10 gallon batches from 212F to 75F in 10 minutes