20R magnetic pump with stainless head


Magentic drive circulation pump is full-sealed pump,for motor connecting shaft and impeller are separately equipped with magnetic materials,they attract each other and coupled.

It is unnecessary to fit with traditional shaft seal and complete-ness sealed constitutive water pump.

It can avoid defects of pollution after corrosion caused by liquid leakage and still adopts special ceramics as shaft bearing,characterizing strong resistance for abrasion and corrosion.

It's advanced performance and quality is the optimum liquid transport pump on the industrial equipments.

Magnetic-driven cycle pump,made by polypropylene,has an excellent performance to endure the corrosion from chemical Liquid,Its applications is very extensive


Type: MP-20RM

Maximum capacity: 45L/MIN

Standard capacity: 22L/MIN

Maximum head: 4.6M

Standard head: 4M

Motor: 65W 110vac/50HZ

Connection: 3/4" npt inlet and outlet

Max permissible fluid temperature: 80 degre

Working principle: centrifugal, magnetic coupled

Stainless Steel Head.