East Coast Brew Parts ND1600STB


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ND1600STB is a commercial grade kegerator that offers stylish outlook,superior cooling and leading capacity to your bar. The kegerator has a Stainless Steel Worktop and a Black Front with solid black sides.


Most residential grade kegerators on the market are modified from mini direct cooling fridges which are chilled by a coldplate. Cold air will stay at the bottom of the cabinet because the air circulation inside a direct cooling fridgeis weak.ND1600 is equipped with a forced air refrigeration system.In this system,cold air is sucked from grills at the bottom of the cabinet into a  large duct at the back,chilled by the evaporator,then blowed out from the top of the cabinet by a fan,and distributed to every corner inside the cabinet.Comparing with those kegerators chilled by a cold plate,there is much more adequate circulation of cold air inside ND1600.The keg is evenly chilled by the constant cold air flow .

Tower is constantly cooled by a hose that pulls forced refrigerated air into the tower so your beer does not develop hot spots that cause foaming and other issues. This feature is missing from most consumer grade kegerators.

This product can also be used for built-in because it's front ventilated

  • Specification:

    Product size with the stainless steel top(W X D X H):23.86" X 24.9" X 35.43 "

    Note the above dimension includes the adjustable legs but does not include the guard rail, beer tower and door handle

    Keg capacity:one full size half barrel(including the oversized coors and miller keg);or three 1/6 barrels ;or three homebrew Cornelius kegs;or two slim quarter kegs  ;or one 1/4 barrel short keg

    Front ventilation.Built-in capable

    Commercial grade components.

    Good for commercial use 

    Pour a perfect beer even under 104F(40C)'s ambient temperature

    304 stainless steel worktop

    Forced air refrigeration system ,superior cooling effect

    Stylish black metal  interior;

    Reinforced 304 stainless steel floor

    Stainless steel guard rail

    Removable stainless steel drip tray

    Stainless steel door handle

    Integrated door lock

    Cools from 28F to 50F(-2C to 10C)

    Fan cooled condenser; 1/6 hp compressor ,works quietly  

    Digital thermostat for accurate temperature control    

    Optional 3" commercial grade casters for mobility

    Power:115V/60HZ or 220-240V/50HZ

    Net capacity:5.7 cu.ft(160L)

    ETL certification

     Unit weight:110lbs(50 kg).Shipping weight:132lbs( 60kg)

  • Also comes with 5 lb co2 tank as well.