Gas Ball Lock Connector


This barbed gas disconnect coupler fits standard ball lock kegs used for home brewing and soda dispensing (post- and pre-mix). The 1/4in barb will accommodate common gas/beverage tubing and should be secured with a hose clamp (available in our store and sold separately).

Height: 2.1in (54mm)
Barb Outer Diameter: 0.25in or 1/4in (6mm)
Barb Inner Diameter: 0.22in or 7/32in (5.6mm)
Barb Angle: 30°

Barb Post: 
Stainless Steel

Tubing Required: 5/16in or 1/4in I.D. tubing (clamp recommended). See the helpful hint below for more tubing information.

Helpful Hint To Home Brewers:
Many beer draft systems contain gas tubing that is 5/16in to 3/8in I.D. which is larger than the 1/4in barbed end of the connector). Teflon tape or a small piece of 1/4in tubing can be placed on the barbed end to increase the diameter.

Keg Compatibility:
Ball-Lock connectors fit nearly any post- or pre-mix product tank commonly used for soda with ball-lock connection posts. There are many manufacturers, sources and sizes of product tanks. Such product tanks are referred to as Cornelius or ‘Corney’ kegs after the popular industry brand.