Weldless Bi-metal Adjustable Thermometer Kit 3"Face & 4"Probe, 1/2"MNPT


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Manufactured with a 4” probe for greater surface area contact during brewing processes, our Adjustable Thermometer is mounted on a spring-loaded hinge. Designed for positioning along many points of a 90-degree angle, the thermometer face can be quickly adjusted for easy viewing during a myriad of brewing processes. Provides temperature readout in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The thermometer kit include 1 x stainless washer, 1 x 1/2"NPT Lock Nut, 2 x Silicone O-rings. Requieres a 7/8" drill bit to install.


To prevent leaking, wrap the 1/2" threads with Teflon tape prior to threading into the port.